Compliance Packet

Annual Health Plan Notices

2024 Cannon Builders Inc. Compliance Packet

Cannon Builders is required by applicable law to provide all employees with certain health care policy notices that inform you of your rights and our responsibilities with respect to our company’s health plan.  In order to be ACA-compliant, Cannon Builders must make health care policy information available to all employees annually.  Medicare Part D Notice is also included in the Cannon Builders Inc. 2024 Compliance Packet.  These packets will be used for New Hires as well, or employees who have a qualifying event.  ACA-compliant coverage refers to a major medical health insurance policy that conforms to the regulations set forth in the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

Please carefully review the information contained below and share it with your covered dependents.  

Cannon Builders Inc. 2024 Compliance Packet contains:

1. Medicare Part D Credible Coverage Notice
3. Annual Notice of Women’s Health & Cancer Rights Act
4. Patient Protection Disclosures
5. Notice of Grandfathered Plan Status
6. Notice of Marketplace Coverage Options
7. Notice of Special Enrollment Rights
8. General COBRA Notice