Health Insurance Coverage

Here you will find 2024 resources for new and current Cannon Builders employees, including our Benefit Guide and Benefit Election Form.

NEW ENROLLMENTS: Cannon Builders offers health insurance coverage through Blue Cross of Idaho.  All employees are eligible to enroll for coverage on the first of the month following a 60-day probationary employment period.  The probationary period begins on the full-time date of hire for the employee.  Employees must review and fill out the Benefit Election Form & Benefit Guide and return to the office before the 60-day probationary period is up.  Benefits would begin the first of the next month following the month the employee enrolled.

After satisfying the probationary period and during the first 12 months of employment, Cannon Builders Inc., generously contributes 50% of the Employee-Only cost of the medical premium for all eligible employees. Employees that have been continuously employed for more than 12 consecutive months, Cannon Builders Inc., contributes 75% of the Employee-Only cost of the medical premium for all eligible employees.  Employees will be responsible for the full cost of dependent coverage.  

OPEN ENROLLMENT: Employees are also eligible to enroll in health insurance coverage during the open enrollment period that occurs every December with coverage beginning January 1st of the new year.  Applications must be received no later than December 18th, 2023. 

Open Enrollment Information 2024 (English)  [Información de inscripción abierta 2024 (espanol)]

DENTAL & VISION BENEFITS: New this year, Cannon Builders has the opportunity to offer dental and vision benefits to our employees. In order for our company to be eligible to receive these benefits, five employees would need to enroll in the policy. If we do not receive five applicants – no coverage will be offered. You can waive healthcare coverage and still opt into either dental or vision.  There are two levels of dental benefits to choose from and one level of vision benefits. Please see the links below for more information on dental and vision benefits offered. 

SPECIAL ENROLLMENT: Additionally, if a qualified life event occurs in your life, you may have a limited Special Enrollment Period (SEP) where you can also apply. Please contact our broker’s office if you believe you may have a qualifying life event. 

Please use the printable links below to enroll, waive or change current health insurance coverage.  Posted rates are effective as of January 1, 2024.  We would need to receive the signed applications before the 60-day probationary period is up.  You can print out these insurance forms at home and bring them into the office before your 60-day probationary period is up, or view them online and come in to pick up an insurance packet in our office. 


Cannon Builders Employee Letter (English) [Carta al empleado de Cannon Builders (espanol)]

2024 Benefit Guide (English) [Guía de beneficios 2024 (espanol)]

2024 Benefit Election Form (English) [Formulario de elección de beneficios 2024 (espanol)]

2024 Dental & Vision Benefit Guide (English) [Guía de beneficios dentales y de la vista 2024 (español)]

2024 Dental & Vision Election Form (English) [ Formulario de elección dental y de la vista 2024 (español)